Do I need an appointment?

No, we love walk-ins! While we do accept appointments we also understand that many of our brides are traveling and are on time restraints. Feel free to come in whenever is convenient for you. We’d love to help you find a dress. If you are planning on coming in on a weekend we would strongly suggest making an appointment so you are guaranteed a fitting room.

How many people can I bring with me?

Because we have several different seating areas for our brides we allow mulitple appointments at the same time. For this reason, please limit the number of people that you bring with you so we don't over-crowd the store or take away from another brides experience. 

Keep in mind that large groups can be hard to handle and too many opinions can get confusing for a bride. For this reason, we suggest you bring 2-3 of the people closest to you whose opinion you value most. We are happy to accommodate larger groups, but prefer to do this before or after hours so your group can have enough space to enjoy the experience. Please call our store to arrange an special appointment time if you have a bigger group. 801-356-2462

Are all your dresses pictured online?

No. We have a lot of different styles that are not pictured on our website. Some of our designers place restrictions with what we can and cannot show online. To see our full collection please visit our Provo location. Looking for something specific? Contact us and we'd be happy to send you other pictures of what we have or help you find something similar. 

What sizes to you carry?

We stock dresses in sizes 2-28. Every dress designer will fit differently so be prepared to adjust sizes as you try on.

How long does it take to order a dress?

Our dresses take anywhere from 8-16+ weeks to order in. HOWEVER we stock dresses to sell! If you don’t have time to order a dress you are able to purchase the dresses we have in the store and walk out with it the same day. Keep in mind, if you are ordering a dress, that if you are doing pictures before the wedding that is your first wear date. Plan to have your dress in alterations at least 3 weeks before that date. 

Do you do alterations?

We don’t offer in-house alterations but we do have a list of skilled seamstresses that we will provide you when you purchase a dress. We find that it is more convenient for our brides to be able to work out fittings around their schedules and not be limited to our hours. The seamstresses that we work with are very familiar with our dresses and are very skilled at what they do. We can give you an estimate on what your alterations will cost.

Can I order a dress custom to my measurements?

Unfortunately we can’t order dresses with custom measurements, but we will work with you to figure out the size that will be best for you to limit the number of alterations you may need. Most of our dresses can be ordered with a custom length for an additional cost (shortening or lengthening)

Are your dresses temple garment ready?

Yes! While we do carry contemporary (less modest) dresses, we specialize in Temple-ready dresses. Most of our dresses should comply with temple garments. You may need to try on a few different tops to see which ones work best with the neckline on your dress. 

What if I want long sleeves on my dress?

We have a selection of dresses that already have long sleeves. If you have time, we can usually order fabric from our designers and a seamstress could make you a custom sleeve. Sleeves are one of the easiest changes to make on a dress.

 If you have additional questions please email us at sweetheartgowns@gmail.com or call our Provo store at 801-356-2462


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