Wedding Gown Preservation

What is the best thing to do with your wedding dress when you're done wearing it?

 We have teamed up with one of the best companies on the planet to guarantee your wedding dress- Wedding Gown Preservation Co. We have been working with this company since 2011 and have received nothing but excellent customer care and quality, which is something that is SO important for us to pass along to our brides. 

 When you are finished wearing your wedding gown, bring it back into our store along with any accessories that you would also like preserved (veil, belt, head piece, shoes, slip etc.). We will package everything up for you and send if off to the wedding gown cleaning experts at Wedding Gown Preservation Co. They will clean your dress and treat it using only green products and will ship it back to either us or the address that you specify. Your beautiful gown will come packaged like the one in the picture with a clear viewing window and carrying box to make transportation easy. After that we recommend storing your box in a acclimatized room (not hot attics or super cold basements). If you ever want to use your dress again you can just take it right out of the box but we would recommend doing the preservation afterward again since the oils on your skin will void the warranty. Oh, we didn't mention the warranty yet. They will guarantee your dress from yellowing for up to 100 years!



The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. also offers some really fun options like personalizing your box with a picture of you in your dress or your wedding date. 

If you have more questions about the preservation process you can view their FAQ page here

If you're from out of state or won't be back in Utah after your wedding no worries! You can purchase a kit at our store and mail it easily yourself after the wedding. (It's also a great gift for grandparents to give to the bride).

What is the cost? Your Gown Preservation includes the shipping both way, the cleaning and preserving of your gown and up to 2 accessories for $250. If you are one of our Brides we give you a $50 coupon to apply to your preservation. 



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