What should I expect to feel when I find my wedding gown?

What should I expect to feel when I find my wedding gown?

What should I feel when I find my wedding gown? There is a lot of pressure put onto brides to find the wedding dress that gives you the classic reaction. The tear filled “yes” to the wedding dress. While this may happen to some, the pressure can build on a bride so much that she may find herself searching for the reaction rather than the perfect dress for her. This is my advice to all brides out there how to search, find, and identify their perfect dress. 

#1. Your gown should reflect you. Often I find that brides are searching for a gown that will fit their venue, rather than fit them. For example, a bride with a reception in a barn may think that only a simpler lace gown is appropriate, whereas a reception in a high rise necessitates a sleek bedazzled mermaid. I am here to tell you to throw these rules out the window and find a gown that feels like YOU. As long as you feel that the gown fits you, your gown will fit into every other aspect of your wedding day. 

#2: Your gown should reflect the feelings of your wedding day. On your wedding day, you are making a commitment between you and your fiance to love and support each other for the rest of your lives. In your wedding gown, you should feel prepared for the outpouring of love and support that will happen on your wedding day. In your perfect gown, you should not only feel prepared but you should feel ready and excited for these amazing feelings. 

#3. Your gown should make you smile. This is more than smiling about how you look in the dress. Your gown should make you excited for your wedding day! Your wedding day is a celebration of the love and commitment between you and your partner. The wedding gown you choose should make you smile and feel confident to take this next step with your fiance. 

#4. You should be proud of your gown. Your wedding pictures will become a family heirloom for your future generations, and you should be excited to share these pictures from your special day for years to come! When you feel proud of your wedding gown, that you felt joy and love when you were wearing that dress. Be proud of the memories and commitment you made in your gown. And be proud of the life you built with your partner starting with your wedding day. 

With these tools under your belt, you are going to be very well equipped for your journey of finding YOUR wedding dress. It is out there, waiting for you, now all that is left is for you to say yes! 

Who should I bring to my bridal appointments?

When planning to shop for your wedding gown, each bride will ask herself ‘who should I bring with me?’. If you are asking yourself this, trust me, you are not alone! I have created questions for you to ask yourself before inviting someone along.

#1. Can I imagine making my decision without this person? The answer to this question for every bride. Some brides will want to look to their mother, sister, best friend, or mother in law for support for their choice in wedding gowns. In other cases, a bride may feel confident in making her decision for herself. If you can’t imagine choosing your wedding gown without them, then they should be included! If this special person can’t join you in person, most bridal shops will invite you to call or skype that person so they can be present with you. 

#2. Do I value this person’s opinion?

#3.  Will this person support me in any decision I make? As a bride, you have the very special privilege to pick your wedding gown. This gown will make you feel joy, excitement, and expressive in your wedding gown [URL to “how should I feel in my wedding gown”], and when you make this choice you should feel supported by the people that had the gift of being included. 

With these golden rules in mind, you are now ready to pick your perfect entourage for your wedding gown shopping adventures!



Nicole is a Utah-transplant who loves all things wedding. She specializes in helping brides find the perfect dress to compliment their figure and their wedding day details.
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