For Grooms

Don’t forget about your groom! We think one of the biggest wedding mistakes is not putting as much thought into the grooms attire as a bride does about her own. Don’t let your groom wear his old mission or church suit and don’t put it off until the last minute. If the bride has a beautiful new dress that makes her feel drop-dead gorgeous then we think the groom should feel just as amazing. After all, it is his wedding day too!  A tuxedo is a great way for a groom to match his bride in formality. Keep in mind that a tuxedo doesn’t have to look like something your dad wore in the 70’s. Modern tuxedos come in slim-fit options and are available in a lot more colors such as varying shades of navy, gray, black, tan, white, ivory and even less traditional colors like burgundy. When the bride chooses a formal dress then the groom should match her. Another reason we love tuxedos is that they set the groom, and other members of the wedding party, apart from all the other guests at a wedding. You don’t want your groomsmen, and especially your groom, getting lost in the crowd.

A suit is a very practical option for a groom, but it is less formal. Adding little details to a suit like pairing it with a matching vest or wearing a boutonniere can dress up a suit. For the grooms that want the more formal look of a tuxedo but still want the practical option of having a suit to wear after the wedding we have created a tuxedo/suit special.  You can ask any of our stylists for details. Our goal is to help everyone look their best for the wedding day. In 2013 we purchased DC Tuxedos-the BEST Tuxedo shop in Provo! We relocated it so it could be right next door to our bridal shop, adding the convenience of a one-stop-shop for our brides. We believe we have the best selection of tuxedos and suits in Utah Valley. We offer the most current styles, including SLIM-FITS and over 150 vest and tie color options. To see more of our collection visit our store or view our DC Tuxedos Webpage here!