Musana Jewelry Gala

Early this year we were honored to be a teeny tiny part of the Musana Jewelry Gala. Musana is a non-profit company that is “working to break the cycle of poverty by employing artisans who hand craft products to be sold in the U.S. Musana artisans benefit from stable employment as well as classes in English, business, and health. Through Musana’s programs, artisans are able to provide for their families, pay for their childrens’ schooling, and ensure themselves a brighter future. Musana artisans are truly a light within their community and are the inspiration for the name Musana which means “sunlight” in the local language of Luganda”

Tina, the Ugandan manager for Musana was able to fly to Utah to be the keynote speaker for this event and we had the honor supplying her gown! Tina was absolutely stunning and this gown fit her like a glove. For more information about Musana please visit their website here. You can also see them in the news here and here.


IMG_4390 IMG_4391 IMG_4392

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    1. Melissa Sevy says:

      We love Sweetheart Bridal! Your contribution of Tina’s *perfect* dress was such a special part of the evening- thank you so much!