Meet Our Bride Madeline


Bride and Grooms names: Michael and Madeline Jensen

Wedding Date: April 28, 2017

How did you and your husband meet?

Floral Design class at BYU

What was your favorite date together?

Hiking Battle Creek Falls and taking a break to eat Chipotle bowls (to go) at the “lookout” spot overlooking the canyon

How did he propose?

He took me back to Battle Creek Falls when it was winter and snowing and surprised me by the waterfall with a blanket, bonfire, and rose petals. He knelt down and actually ripped his jeans!

How long was your engagement and how did you handle the stress of planning a wedding?

3 months. I was planning a wedding, we were both working and were both in school taking classes. We handled the stress by working on it together and penciling in a “date night” every week, even with the stress.

What are your favorite details about your wedding day?

We both had our bridesmaids and groomsmen do a choreographed dance which was super fun. We had a beautiful luncheon where our family and close friends said really kind things about both of us. The best part was how we each felt in the sealing room at the temple knowing we would be together forever.

What did you love most about your wedding dress?

I loved my veil (that I also got from Sweetheart bridal) and I also loved the style of the stress and how it fit me so perfectly.

What advice would you give to other brides?

Get a lot of sleep the week before and don’t stress about the small things. Enjoy your big day!

What is the best part about being married? 

I love coming home to my best friend every night and sharing every part of my life with my husband.

PC: Lindsey Orton

Flowers: Sheer Rose

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