Lauren M

Lauren came to our store from out of state to find a modest wedding gown. This happens quite a bit but what doesn’t happen very often is when a bride wants to order a dress when the delivery date is only a week before her wedding. And she was calm about it! I had all the confidence that we would get the dress on time because our designers are fantastic, but still, that can be super stressful. We ordered her the dress and it came in on time and we quickly shipped it off to Lauren. Here is what her family had to say

“Lauren Got married and her dress looked amazing! She got the dress a week and a half before she got married but you guys did not make it a stress at all for her! Very very well handled! I will be sure to let EVERYONE I know that Sweetheart bridal is the BEST place in utah to find a dress! We traveled all the way from Rexburg Idaho and it was well worth the drive!” 

Thank you so much! We love getting great feedback. Here is what Lauren had to say-isn’t she just stunning in this silk and lace ballgown? I think she gets the calm bride of the year award!

“I LOVED my dress and got SO many complements! I felt absolutely beautiful in the dress and belt bought at sweetheart bridal thank you so much!”
-Lauren McCrary
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