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One of our gowns was featured on Hey Wedding Lady! Rebecca, from Nhiya Kaye Photography wanted something simple, rustic and stunning and we had the perfect dress for her. This slip dress is actually one part of a two-piece dress. The overlay is all lace and is stunning as well. But for something classy and simple the underlay is perfect. This gown is made of duchess satin and it comes in white, ivory or mocha (featured). To view more pictures on Hey Wedding Lady click here.




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Andrea C

Love dresses from sweetheart bridal. Here’s some images of my sister who used sweetheart bridal…this dress was simply perfect for her. Thanks for making my sisters day so special.
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Rachel W

I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me find the perfect dress!! Everyone here was so amazingly helpful! I recommend you to everyone! Thanks again!! You guys are the best!!
Rachel White

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Kimberly L

This was the dress of my dreams I am so glad you guys made my wedding so memorable! Thank you so much for everything!! I love my dress so much!
Kimberly Lines
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I absolutely loved my dress and was amazed by your service and willingness to help out. Anytime a friend gets engaged, I refer them to you right away. I've been meaning to send you pictures from the wedding for a couple months, but here they finally are! Thank you so much for everything you do! 
Elizabeth Higham Grossen
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Thanks for giving me such a beautiful dress!
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Hello Sweetheart Bridal!
I can't thank you enough for everything. My dress was a dream come true and it looks incredible in all of the pictures which doesn't even compare to how I felt in it! I was so happy with everything. I am so grateful! Thank you thank you!
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Morgan’s unique wedding dress

Morgan Pedersen came into our store earlier this year wanting a unique wedding dress. She was after a hi-low cut that could showcase her awesome cowgirl boots. This chiffon and lace dress was perfect for her rustic wedding and cowgirl style. After pulling a few strings with one of our favorite designers we were able to order the dress in specifically for her with the hi-low cut. It turned out absolutely perfect and we thought the lace top and ruffled chiffon skirt fit her style perfectly. The beaded belt she chose added just the right amount of bling to accessorize her dress. Here’s what Morgan had to say about it.

To the whole AMAZING team at Sweetheart Bridal–
I cannot tell you how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED my dress! I truly felt transformed, and it made my day so special. Thank you for all your advice while I was choosing between dresses, and especially for the custom alterations—the high-low cut was completely unique and turned out PERFECT. Want proof? Here ya go. I’ve bragged about you to everyone who asked where I got my dress, and will continue to do so for years and years to come. Thank you for being so awesome!
Morgan (Pedersen) Meyers
P.S. The barn door image is courtesy of Jake Edmonds Photography, and the Wedding images are courtesy of Megan Leech Photography.
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Aimee Robbins

 I loved my wedding dress so much! And my husband did as well. His first time seeing it was on our wedding day, and he thought it was perfect.
 My sister-in-law, Lindsey Robbins, did my bridal pictures, and Aimee Denise Photography did our wedding pictures. My flowers were done by Ali’s Floral Cottage.
Aimee Robbins
   View More: http://aimeedenisephotographyllc.pass.us/robbins-wedding 10273164_10203936447999939_6998464037547280648_o Robbins wedding-1117 10295938_10203936421599279_5928882701444310134_o