Katrina T.

Thank you for all your help with getting my perfect wedding gown.  I loved it.
Katrina Thorne
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Jessica A

“Thank you! I loved my dress so much! It was beyond perfect, and most definitely the dress made for me!” -Jessica Anderson

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Meet Our Bride Rikkea

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We hear some pretty amazing stories in our shop, but Rikkea’s story is one of my all-time favorites. There’s just something really gratifying and exciting about helping a bride who is on the other side of the world find her perfect wedding dress. Rikkea’s sister, Misty, came into our store with an idea of what her sister would like and together we found the perfect dress for her. She chose a polka-dot tulle ballgown from one of our favorite dress designers-Peony by Stella. After collaborating closely to pick the right size for her (since she couldn’t try it on) we ordered her dress and belt and rushed them right off to Australia. Rikkea’s pictures speak a thousand words-it was perfect! She was absolutely stunning in her gown and we are so delighted she has shared her story with us.


Hyrah and Rikkea Wainohu

Wedding Date: 2 April 2015

How we met:

Hyrah and I met in 2007 when he was a missionary for our church. He was serving in my home branch in Far North Queensland, Australia. I had moved away to a bigger city and on a visit home I found a photograph and a letter that Hyrah had left for my family when he knew he was being transferred out of the area. Back then missionaries also had little business cards with their home information on it so naturally I kept all 3 pieces of info- the letter, the photo and the card for myself and decided to call him on his family home phone in New Zealand! What was I thinking???… And where did I get that kind of confidence from?! Of course this was all once he had finished his mission and was no longer a missionary. We spoke a couple of times over the phone and talked a little about me making a trip to New Zealand to see each other although nothing ever eventuated. We put it down to the distance that was between us. I was also quite young and Hyrah wasn’t ready to make the move over to Aussie! Slowly we lost touch as I eventually became a less active member of our church, living different lives with different wants and needs at that time. It was close to 6 1/2 years that we had no contact following our initial meeting! In 2011 I became engaged to be married and to cut a long story short that ended with myself experiencing quite a significant change within myself and how I felt about my relationship with Jesus Christ. I found myself having gained a sincere desire to leave behind the life I was living to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was called to serve in the Russia, St Petersburg mission where I not only found my true self but learnt how to love and appreciate who I was as a Child of God. I re-gained a sense of my self-worth that I had lost through previous unstable relationships. I believe with my whole heart that if I had not regained these qualities I would not have been my best self that I needed to be for my to-be husband. I know the Lord had reshaped me in preparation for a strong and healthy marriage.

Hyrah tells me that it must’ve been 8 or so weeks before my return home from Russia when he came across my Facebook page. He managed to see some posts and photos, although we were not connected. His words are that ‘he kept an eye on things because something pretty big must’ve happened in order for me to now be serving a mission’. 2 weeks home, the reconnect happened! He was coming over to Australia to visit his siblings, I didn’t start work for another 2 weeks so before I knew it, he had me on a plane from Cairns to Brisbane for our first date!


What was your favourite date?

Definitely when Hyrah came to visit my family for the first time since his mission. We went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. We swan with turtles and got very sunburnt!


How did he propose?

I flew to New Zealand on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) to meet Hyrah’s family for the first time. Hyrah picked me up from the airport where he lived in a 1973 Pontiac. Only when he went to start it, it didn’t start! Luckily Hyrah is car savvy and fixed the problem within about 10 minutes. I could tell that he started to stress a little and wondered why because we didn’t have anywhere to be. We drove through Hastings, a small town where Hyrah grew up and headed up the side of a mountain where he said he wanted to show me the local lookout. He walked me to the highest point of the mountain, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! Within the next few seconds, after I had said YES, he whispered in my ear and told me to turn around. As I did so, I saw his whole family standing a little ways down the hill with cameras and very big smiles! Mum, dad, aunties, uncles, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews and Hyrah’s sweet grandfather. After an exchange of many hugs and kisses, we walked over to Hyrah’s papa where he asked him if he would do us the honour of sealing us in the New Zealand Hamilton temple for time and all eternity. It was the sweetest moment when he replied with ‘of course I will’. I now know why he started to stress when the car wouldn’t start!


How long was your engagement and how did you handle the stress of planning of wedding?

Our engagement was a very short 3 months. I was living in Cairns (back in Australia) while Hyrah remained in New Zealand to continue on working. I planned our wedding with very few hiccups although I’d say it was quite stressful for me, particularly not being able to see anything before giving the go ahead ie venue, flowers etc because of the fact that I physically was not in the same country as to where my wedding would be.


What are your favourite details about your wedding day?

Definitely my wedding dress. Not only did I feel like a bride, I felt like a beautiful one.


What did you love most about your wedding dress?

I loved the princess skirt and the detailed pearl belt that gave a pop to the overall look. I also LOVED the tiny polka dots on the tulle material of the dress. The V neck was also very flattering.


What advice would you give to other brides?

Not to be afraid of extending your engagement, even if it’s just a couple of weeks or months so that you can enjoy planning your wedding.


What is the best part about being married?

Learning how to create your own identity and life as a couple. Establishing a firm foundation whether it be financially, temporally, morally, spiritually is very liberating. Overall creating your own independence separate from family/ parents.


Photographer Misty Johnson

Florist Amy’s Flowers

Venue: Hamilton Gardens in Hamilton, New Zealand


Junie N.

Thank you guys so much for y’alls help!

Photography by Jennifer Nix

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Meet Our Bride Stephanie


There are some brides that we never forget and Stephanie is absolutely one of them! We had a great experience helping her put together (or maybe we should say chopping) her dress. Stephanie was a no-fuss bride who had a hard time finding the right combination of things in one dress so she picked a dress where she like the top and literally chopped off the bottom. It turned out just fabulous! Stephanie and her fiance, Clark, were so fun to work with and they share the biggest sense of humor that we’ve ever had in our store. Just look at their clever wedding invite/postcard (below) where they used hidden words to spell out the details of their big day. Our favorite thing about this wedding is that they put so much of their personalities into it-really creating a day that was perfect for the two of them. Since their wedding in 2014 they’ve added a new addition to the family-check out their pictures below!


Bride and Grooms names: Clark & Stephanie Davis

Wedding Date: April 26, 2014

How did you and your husband meet?

We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend that was in my grad program. She warned me that he was a redhead and told him that I “had a hard time being serious.” She knew Clark from the time that he was a teenager and thought we might get along pretty well. She was right J

What was your favorite date together?

Neither of us could think of just one date that really stood out. We both loved the summer when we were dating – going to Zion National Park, swimming, dressing in Western garb and going to a rodeo, cooking together, laying on the grass under the summer stars and talking, tandom long boarding, and just going on adventures with each other. We just loved spending time together and doing spontaneous things.

How did he propose?

Ring shopping was quite the endeavor (we spent about 6 weeks trying to find something that we both liked – I don’t know why, but I wanted him to like my ring, too). Like most of our engagement & wedding details, we were a little untraditional in that we were together when we bought the ring. As we walked to the car, Clark tried to give me the ring. He was like, “Uh, well, here’s your ring.” and I told him he had to propose to me. He asked why and I told him people were going to ask and I couldn’t just tell everyone that he handed me the ring in the car right after he bought it. So, after a little bit of mumbling and groaning, Clark agreed to actually propose to me.

How long was your engagement and how did you handle the stress of planning a wedding?

Our engagement was about 3 months long, which was a good amount of time for us. Enough time to get things done, but not too long. Honestly, the wedding prep and planning wasn’t all that stressful. (The worst part was making a bunch of last minute adjustments when we found out it was for sure going to rain and we had planned an outdoor reception!)

I think there were a few things that made it pretty low stress. We worked on things together, which was fun and made it so that I didn’t feel like all the weight or responsibility was on me. Our announcements were postcard style (and awesome!) so prepping all of them probably took 1-1.5 hrs (no inserts or ribbon or a waxed seal envelope – simple and fun). We also just had a few things that we really wanted and cared about and focused on those instead of a ton of little details. His sisters took care of the decorations, we didn’t care about flowers (but other people did, so I still ended up having some) or chair covers or things like that. We just wanted to have an awesome, fun day and we did!

What are your favorite details about your wedding day?

We had so much fun on our wedding day! A few things that we especially enjoyed were the taco truck that we had “cater” our wedding. Some people thought it was kind of weird, but then they tried the tacos and thought it was great. It was something unique that we both thought would be pretty sweet. People still talk to me about how we had an awesome taco truck at our wedding! It was fun to have something unique and memorable.

We also made our cake toppers out of clay – I made Clark and he made me. They looked awesome and people really liked them. My dress was another favorite part. I totally didn’t expect it to be, but I got a lot of compliments on it and had numerous friends tell me how well it suited me. It was fun to wear and I loved the way it looked. Also, as part of ending up with flowers and not really wanting them, my brother-in-law offered to fire up his potato launcher for me to “toss” my bouquet with. I know that’s pretty unconventional, but it was pretty fun – and it’s another one of those things that my friends still remember and bring up when they talk about the cool things at our wedding.

What did you love most about your wedding dress?

The top half! Haha! Originally, the bottom part had a bubble hem/seam and we didn’t like it, so we chopped it off! And I loved it!

You’ve probably caught onto this by now, but I wasn’t what you might consider a “traditional” bride. I honestly didn’t expect to care that much about my dress, let alone love it, but I totally did. I loved that it was simple but elegant and felt like it fit my personality – I could still move around and be playful in it. I think my favorite thing was that I could do heal clicks in it! The ruching also allowed me to stash some mints and candies for Clark and I to snack on while talking to people at our reception.

What advice would you give to other brides?

Keep it simple. Focus on the things that you care about and really want, and if other people care about other details, let them take care of them. Do what you want to do because ultimately, people aren’t going to remember a whole lot about your wedding, so make it how you want it. That being said, realize that unless you elope, there’s not really such a thing as a “simple” wedding because someone will care about the things that you don’t care about! For us, if someone wanted something that we didn’t really care about and were willing to do something about it, we were fine with it (I finally consented to flowers after saying “no” 12+ times because it seemed really important to some people that we have flowers…)

Also, involved your fiancé as much as possible. I think things weren’t stressful in part because we did things together and generally had a good time being together and working on wedding stuff together instead of me just trying to do it all on my own. We also made sure to take breaks and go do other fun things instead of letting wedding stuff take up all of our free time.

What is the best part about being married?

Oh man, so many things! I am married to my best friend and love it. Hanging out with each other is awesome and it’s fun having someone to build a life with. It’s cool to have someone who knows you so well and really takes care of you – and it’s great to be able to take care of someone that you care so much about. It’s exciting going on adventures together and planning a future together. I especially love it when I think of something that really catches Clark off-guard and gets him laughing really hard.


This is what Stephanie’s dress looked like before it got “chopped”

front of invitback of invit

Check out their creative invitation

Ally H.

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Emily Childers

Photographer: Laken Photography 208-608-1943

021 053 115026

McCall B.

Photographer:  Abbey Kyhl

Florist: Sego Lily

View More: http://abbeykyhl.pass.us/mccalllovesryan View More: http://abbeykyhl.pass.us/mccalllovesryan View More: http://abbeykyhl.pass.us/mccalllovesryan View More: http://abbeykyhl.pass.us/mccalllovesryan View More: http://abbeykyhl.pass.us/mccalllovesryan

Courtney B

Photographer: Christal Albrecht  Anderson photography

View More: http://christalandersonphotography.pass.us/teejaylovescourtney View More: http://christalandersonphotography.pass.us/teejaylovescourtney View More: http://christalandersonphotography.pass.us/teejaylovescourtney View More: http://christalandersonphotography.pass.us/teejaylovescourtney

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