The Manderley and Brown Brothers

If you’ve never been to an event catered by Brown Brothers Catering you are really missing out. Their food is exceptional! What makes them even better is that they also own a great reception center right in the heart of Provo. The Manderley is a beautiful indoor venue that offers a lot of incentives for their brides and grooms.  Visit their next open house and tasting for the venue and catering: Wednesday, April 20 from 5:30-7pm.

The Manderley Reception Center


Brown Brothers Catering


Conveniently located in the heart of Provo near the river, Manderley Reception Center is the perfect location for your event. Manderley boasts an elegant banquet hall, ballroom, atrium and buffet area. Get your dress from Sweetheart Bridal and get a discount on your hall rental! For great wedding ideas, visit our Pinterest page:

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Brown Brothers Catering has been a family business since it was formed over ten years ago in Utah County. Brown Brothers was started with the promise to bring high quality, top-notch catering at reasonable prices. For the last several years we have strived to serve only the highest quality cuisine that both you and your guests will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

We provide a wide variety of catering services including: personal chef services, wedding receptions and wedding cakes, corporate breakfasts, board meetings, or company meals. Our menu includes (but is not limited to) buffets, hors d’oeuvres, meal entrées, salads, starches, vegetables, stations, desserts, and a huge selection of beverages. Our services range from buffets to full-service catering and our dessert catering starts at $3.95 a person.

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The Manderley has also partnered with DC Tuxedos to offer 10% off tuxes (stop by Manderley for a tour to get your coupon), and there are complimentary tux returns for grooms who have events at our venue.

Sheer Rose

Flowers can add a lot of personality and beautiful detail to your wedding. Along with the brides dress and grooms tuxedo, the flowers are typically in every picture taken at the wedding-making them a very important detail. I reached out to Sheer Rose, a local mother-daughter florist team, because I kept seeing gorgeous flowers all over instagram from brides and photographers and every time something caught my eye it ended up being from Sheer Rose. Their work is gorgeous, unique and very current. Contact them for a consultation and you will love what you see!

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Rose has always loved flowers.  Being named Rose, she felt it was fate that she ended up with a floral design business that has brought her much happiness as she designs and works with flowers.  She has been a floral designer since 1978.  She started with a floral class back in her college days and has loved working with flowers ever since.  She has designed flowers for weddings, funerals, and everyday occasions.


Jenn, being the daughter of a florist, has developed such an appreciation for flowers and design.  She loves being able to work alongside her mother in designing and creating beautiful flower arrangements for any occasion.

SW Portraits

We first heard about Sherry through one of our brides back in 2011. Our bride was just ecstatic about her and her service. Sherry had traveled to California for the wedding and our bride was so complimentary toward Sherry that we knew we needed to have her on our team! We have been working with Sherry ever since. She has done photo shoots for our store, stylized shoots of our dresses and pictures for our family. You won’t regret hiring Sherry to capture the special moments of your wedding day.

Special for JUST for Sweetheart Bridal Brides: if you book by April 18th, 2016 receive $100 off your Wedding Collection (NOT wedding day only). Mention code swportraits16 when booking.

SW Portraits

by Sherry Ward


​I believe that there is beauty in all things. It it is my passion in seeing and creating beauty in all elements around me. And so this is my top priority while capturing your special moments in life.

The Oregon coast, Seattle, NYC City and Vancouver all have such a special place in my heart. However, I love traveling to new places and will gladly travel wherever for your wedding.

I am a mom to 2 adorable little boys that have changed my life forever and for the best. Besides being a mom, I love going to art museums, sitting on the beach, traveling and teaching! I have been shooting weddings since 2007 and have loved working with all my brides. I have developed great friendships from many of them and cherish all my couples! I am finishing up my BFA in photography degree at UVU and plan to go to grad school one day so that I can teach photography on a University level.
Your wedding will be one of the most important days in your life and so therefore, it is also a very important day to me as well. I want all of my brides to be over the moon with the images that will result from all my hard work.

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Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners


I’m Shelley, and I’m the owner of Sweetheart Bridal. Since we are celebrating our fifth anniversary for buying our store I wanted to share with you our story.

If you’ve been into our store in the last five years, you’ve most likely met Chad. He’s the one who most people ask how he got started into a bridal business because it’s not very common to have a guy working in a bridal shop who knows a lot about dresses. When customers ask Chad that question his favorite response is “my wife clicked on the wrong button!” If I’m there when he gives that answer I always back myself up and say “no, I clicked on the RIGHT button!”

Chad and I met while working at a local Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos, together. When I first started working there someone told me that they call it the Los Hermanos love connection because a lot of people meet there and get married. I just laughed. I shouldn’t have laughed. Chad got hired on at the same restaurant a year later and I trained him to be a lead server. We became good friends but I was the friend that he seemed to go to for relationship advice. It wasn’t until a while later that we realized we actually liked each other and we had become another statistic of the love connection.

We were married in 2004 and later we continued to work together at Bed Bath and Beyond. In 2006 we had our first baby so I quit working and Chad soon went to work as a restaurant manager.  The next few years were difficult because Chad worked a lot of hours. He was gone every weekend, every holiday and we started to realize that wasn’t what we wanted at all. But, when you’re working 60-80 hours a week you don’t really have time to look for a new job, which is where I decided to help. We looked for a job that would be a good fit for Chad and our family for over a year. It got really frustrating at times. We prayed a lot for something to come up that would work for us. One day I was looking on KSL Classifieds for job openings and got really frustrated by the lack of options that fit Chad’s skills and our criteria. That’s when I saw the listing for business for sale and curiosity got to me and I clicked on that button! On the very first page was the listing for Sweetheart Bridal. I immediately recognized the picture because I had purchased my wedding dress from there! I read the listing, looked at the price and called Chad. When he answered I just laughed and said “do you want to buy a bridal shop?” Seriously, I was totally joking. I told him about the store for sale and we laughed for a minute about the idea of buying a bridal shop-why would we, we didn’t know anything about bridal.

But for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea. It would be fun. We’ve always wanted to be business owners. We could be closed on the Fourth of July and actually watch the fireworks together for a change. After a month of these ideas we decided to talk with the owner of Sweetheart Bridal and find out more. After meeting with her it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. She had been in business for 20 years. She had a decent amount of sales from her small 900 square foot shop. She had minimal hours and no employees. Her dresses were all modest, which we loved because there is such a need for that in Utah valley. She didn’t have an online presence at all and we saw huge potential in the store. It seemed like too good of a deal to pass up.

I don’t want to get all churchy here, but the next part of this story is critical. We decided we should pray to see if this was the right thing that we should be doing or if it was just a crazy idea that sounded new and exciting. I can distinctly remember that moment when we asked if this was what we should do and the answer came immediately and it was a very overwhelming YES. I have to admit it was a bit frightening, knowing that we were taking a huge leap into something we had no experience with, but I also knew that if it was something we were supposed to be doing then everything would work out right

It was almost a year later that I signed the papers and bought ourselves a bridal shop. Our intentions were to have Chad continue to work as a restaurant manager, while I kept the minimal hours at the bridal shop. We had two kids at the time and that’s all we could handle. But two months into owning our business things took a turn for the worse at Chad’s job and he ended up quitting. A year later we had our third child which is why Chad got trained to be my best bridal consultant.

In 2013 we relocated the store to its current location in the Brigham’s Landing shopping center, just west of the BYU stadium. This move doubled our square footage, doubled our dressing rooms and gave us the extra space we really needed for all the growth we were experiencing.

As we celebrate our fifth year of owning Sweetheart Bridal we want to thank all of our customers who are so fun to help, those who drive from all over the state and even the country to come to our store, those who keep coming back for every daughter who is getting married, those who trust us and compliment us on a job well done, and those who share their stories with us. We definitely have a type of love connection in our store and our customers make that possible.

We now have ample time together, sometimes too much, but we really enjoy working together.  We have never looked back on the decision we made to buy a bridal shop and we have been extremely blessed by this opportunity.


It’s Our Anniversary!


Alexis Stott

Thank you so much!

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Aubrey K.

Thanks for all of your help! I loved the dress 🙂

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Modest Wedding Dress Guidelines

There are so many different discussions and viewpoints online about modesty and everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter. Because we sell modest wedding gowns we deal with the topic of modesty a lot and we have realized that everyone has their own idea of what being modest means.  Because we work with several different wedding dress designers, they too have their own opinion of what a modest wedding gown should be like. Some designers have very conservative necklines and sleeve lengths while others tend to not be as strict.


Beautiful modest wedding gown-Available at our store.

In order to follow the LDS Temple guidelines for modest dresses we try to work closely with our designers in order to make our dresses appropriate for LDS Temples. Each LDS Temple is slightly different on what they will let a bride wear to be sealed (married) in. The general guidelines can be viewed here and are as follows:

Wedding Dresses: Brides may wear their wedding dresses through the temple if these dresses meet accepted standards: white, high-neck or provided with a dickie, wrist-length sleeves, long skirt length. Trains are not recommended and hence should be detachable. Large hoop dresses are generally not recommended either, so the hoop should be detachable if your dress has one. Incidentally, there are many shades of white, so do not be too concerned about the shade, as long as it is white. All temples have white dresses that are satisfactory for a temple sealing in case you do not have your own wedding dress. Ask the temple matron about this, if it applies.

As you can tell from these guidelines, most modest wedding dresses don’t have all of these criteria, nor do most brides want full length sleeves and detachable trains.  Because of this, we like to recommend that our brides, who are getting sealed in the Temple, either wear a long-sleeved leotard under their dress and make sure to have their train busseled, or wear their regular temple dress for the ceremony and change into their wedding gown afterward (many brides are choosing this option so they can have an ivory wedding gown, which tends to photograph better and be more flattering on most skin tones). Be sure to check with your specific temple matron on what they will and will not allow the bride to wear for the ceremony.

You can view a list of the temples with phone numbers here


Even gowns with full-length sleeves rarely have fully-lined sleeves.


Tanisha Squire

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